Tuesday, June 19, 2012


For two and a half years I've been blogging here on Wonderous Clusterf#@k.  I've bitched about working part-time at Sbux, shared my adventures, posted far too many pictures of my Cheese, and everything else in-between.  But, sadly, I feel it is time to call it quits.  While I've enjoyed sharing my thoughts, dreams and pictures in this space, I feel now that it is not the best use of my time.  I've recently been going through some major life stuff, stuff that is too private and emotional to discuss on here.  Let me just say, that in these last couple weeks I feel like I've been put through the ringer and what I've discovered about myself is that I can actually handle those hard and unfortunate parts of life pretty well.  Even those parts that you don't see coming a mile away and hit you upside the head and knock you unconscious.  Yeah, not fun.  But, while everything isn't as peachy right now as I once thought it was, it is my hope that one day I might know the happiness and contentment that I once did.  Though, I'm sure it will not come easily, I am lucky to have exceptional people in my life who ground me and look out for me.  To those people, you know who you are, I love you and I am beyond grateful for the support you've shown me through this rough time.

To everyone else, thank you for following.  Thank you for being just the tiniest bit interested in my life and what I had to say/show.  I am grateful for all the thoughts and comments you've shared.  Maybe I will see you again, someday.  Until then, I hope you all have a great summer.

Much love,


FoodHussy said...

Oh this makes me so sad - if nothing else - no more Cheese pics!

Jess - you've been a great blogger to follow and I truly hope your life sees sunny days very soon again.

I'll miss your posts...thanks for being a virtual friend!


Floortje said...

I really like your blog dear!
Keep going with the great work!