Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Unveiling

Now, remember how yesterday I was an incredibly rude person who you wanted punch in the face? No? Remember when I wrote a post about how I got a new tattoo but then I was evil and didn't reveal it you? No!? Geez...come on people! It was only yesterday! Now I know just how many people are actually reading this thing, yikes!

Anyway, consider this the grand unveiling. Outside of Antoine, the tattoo artist and a couple of folks at Sbux no one else has really laid their eyes on my new tat! So, here goes it:

It's about four inches long and three inches wide on my right wrist. It's a tad bigger than I originally envisioned and a little more detailed, but I absolutely love it!

Here's a black and white shot for you, I think it gives you a better look at the shading Meghan put into it! I just love it!

When I say I got this for my Dad everyone asks if he was in the Navy. No, he wasn't. To me, an anchor doesn't denote the Naval Forces. Instead, it's the part of the ship that keeps things grounded. It keeps ship stable and secure...and that's what my Dad is to me (and my family), my anchor. Plus, a big part of my Dad's character is his sense of humor and one of my fondest and funniest memories of my Dad took place a number of years ago when the topic of conversation drifted to pirates. My Dad proclaimed to everyone, "Every little boy wants to be a pirate!" It was one of those you-had-to-be-here moments but it was hilarious, so matter of fact! And so, an anchor seemed like the perfect way to represent my Dad in tattoo form.

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