Friday, November 12, 2010

Walk in the Woods: Part One

The weekend went too quickly and before we knew it it was Sunday morning and everyone was starting to pack up their junk. Luckily with the time change waking up at 7am didn't seem that extreme and I was able to function and make everyone some scrambled eggs and bacon before the serious packing and shower taking began. But, in the blink of an eye, the clock hit 10am and it was time to vamoose! We all said our goodbyes and gave our hugs and we were off. Mom and Dad...back to the middle of nowhere Ohio. My sis and brother-in-law scurried back to Cincinnati...well, it was more like "hobbled" than "scurried", since said bro-in-law was/is slightly (read: not so slightly) injured...herniated disc! OUCH!

Antoine and I, on the other hand, were neither injured nor ready to go home just yet! Plus, we couldn't pick the puppy up until 4pm, so we had some puppy-free time to kill. And what better way to kill time when you're in Hocking Hills than go hiking, right!? So, that's what we did. While Antoine has been hiking in Hocking Hills before (with his ex girlfriend...and no, I'm not jealous, thanks for asking), I had never been. Well, at least not to Hocking Hills...I had traveled to Lake Hope before with the family, but hadn't even come close to Hocking Hills State Park. My family is notorious for picking a place and not venturing to surrounding areas! Seriously, a trip to the grocery store is about as far as we generally get! So, needless to say, I was really looking forward to some good hiking...

Antoine and I (in big obnoxious glasses...once my mom saw them she made a face! It was not a nice face!) just starting our hike. Of course we were thoroughly underdressed, freezing our butts off in the 40 degree air! And Chucks make horrible hiking shoes, by the way...but we had fun and no one hurt themselves, so that's all that matters, right?

First up was Ash Cave...beautiful! Seriously, gorgeous!

Surrounded by pine trees and filled with shadows and beams of morning light!

I immediately fell in love with it! We are totally going back during a different season, I can only imagine how much it changes! It would be a beautiful location for an outdoor wedding...maybe I can convince Antoine of that when the time comes!

Antoine and I, again, freezing in the cave.

Making our way to the top of the cave in order to hike above it!

It was a nice little hike with a great view of the cave from above...I highly recommend it!

Despite the expression on Antoine's face, we really enjoyed our little hike at Ash Cave. Sure, we might have enjoyed it more with a thermos full of hot cocoa...maybe next time!

Stayed tuned tomorrow for part two of our hiking adventure in Hocking Hills State Park. Until then, happy Friday everyone...I'll be seeing you tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

I'm with your Mom. Ditch the glasses sweetie, they hide your pretty face! Great pictures though!