Monday, November 22, 2010

I Feel Like A Teenager

My sister always reminds me that your body changes about every ten years. Your tastes change, as well as your actually physical make-up or something like that! I generally just roll my eyes every time my sister says this (which seems like every couple months or so). But, you know what I think she may be onto something. Of course, don't tell her I said that! Lately, my tastes have changed a bit. I feel like I'm a teenager and strange things are happening to my at any moment my voice might drop (not really, because I'm a lady...not a fella) or I might start liking mushrooms (my #1 most hated food).

While I'm still not keen on mushrooms there have been other foods that I've come to enjoy. For instance, eggplant. I could have sworn that when I originally tried eggplant I thought it was disgusting...but now, I'm a fan! But the craziest thing that's changed recently...Indian food! Now, I've never claimed that I hate Indian food, but truth is I was never an admirer of it! Friends would suggest Indian for dinner and I would wrinkle my nose. Now...I want it...I crave it! Maybe it's biology, maybe my body has finally decided that Indian food is where it's at...or maybe it's just that I've found my dish, you know, the dish that's your go-to. Chicken tikka. It's lemony chicken that has been skewered and surrounded by grilled onions and green peppers. And it's not the least bit spicy, which I love. And I get it with a side of buttery, rich masala sauce! It's heavenly! A tad bit expensive, but oh-so delicious! Add some garlic nan and I'm's so flippin' good!

I just got back from lunch with Antoine. We went to Ambar India and I now have a belly full of rich, tasty Chicken Tikka! And I already cannot wait to polish off my left overs for dinner! YUM!

P.S. Amanda, I thought of you as soon as we decided on Ambar! Wish you could have gone with us. But hey, at least the next time you come into town and are craving Ambar I'll actually want to go with you this time! :)

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