Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Demonstration by Antoine

Here's one thing you might not know about Antoine: he's super anal about the proper closure and disposal of potato chip bags. Well, not just potato chip bags...popcorn bags, Combo bags, pretzel bags, etc. To him, closing a bag or disposing of it is serious business! He's weird, what can I say! But, I just happen to think it's completely and utterly endearing.

Now, above, you'll see a link for the "proper" closure of a potato chip ensure freshness and lock out air, I guess?! But for you, and only you, my fair readers I have a pictoral demonstration of just how Antoine ties and disposes of empty bags of chips. He starts by flattening out the empty bag, folding it in half (long ways), and then folding it in half again (long ways again)...

Then he proceeds to put every ounce of energy he has into tying it into a knot! This requires making some semi-odd facial expressions and maybe a little sighing and/or Grrr noises.

Then, he stops, takes a breath and contemplates his next move.

Then he pulls out the big guns: aka crazy facial expressions and ferocity!

Ta-Da!! An empty potato chip bag tied into a knot! He says he does it to prevent leftover crumbs from getting everywhere. I think he does it to make himself even more adorable in my eyes...either way, he's a keeper!

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