Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pumpkin Mania

As you already know, I love Fall and I love pumpkins! So naturally, pumpkin carving is a must for me...always has been, always will me! There's something so carefree and simple about carving pumpkins. It's fun without any bells or whistles. And there aren't many things in this world as enjoyable as watching a scary movie and carving some pumpkins (at least, for this girl anyway)! Unfortunately, the darn movie challenge kept us from watching a scary movie while Antoine and I were carving pumpkins, so we had to settle for 28 days. But it's a good movie, so I'm okay with that (although I did miss watching Nightmare Before Christmas while carving, I cannot lie!). Here's some shots of the finished products (thanks to my handy dandy hipstamatic app on my iPhone):

This is one of Antoine's pumpkins with an assortment of gourds!

Antoine's other pumpkin, a classic take on pumpkin carving.

My slanty pumpkin.

For some reason I enjoy giving my pumpkins a mustache, I guess it adds a little whimsy!

And I also really enjoy making happy pumpkins, particularly ones with sideways smiles!

And hands down, my favorite thing (besides the actual carving)...the pumpkin seeds! Ask my HLP/ex-roomie/ex-pumpkin-carving-partner, she'll tell you just how much I enjoy pumpkins seeds! [Answer: a little too much!]


Amanda said...

As much as I missed you while carving this year, I have to admit, it was relieving not to have to separate pumpkin guts from seeds and to throw it all away at the end of the night! :P

wonderousclusterf#@k said...

You are no fun!

Anonymous said...

Your & Antoine's pumpkins were gorgeous as always! A happy mustachioed pumpkin is a beautiful thing!