Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Adventures in Aftercare!

For those of you who have gotten a tattoo or have known someone who has gotten one, tattoo aftercare is serious business. How you take care of your tattoo after your sitting affects the final product. Each artists instructions for aftercare are slightly different, but cleanliness is always key. Some will wrap your arm in plastic wrap and instruct you to take it off several hours later and wash it for the first time, others will bandage you up and tell you to keep it on overnight. It all depends on the artist and you should always ask your artist what they suggest.

With Meghan, once she had completed my tattoo she cleaned it and then placed a bandage over it. The bandages that Mother's uses are basically those absorbent pads that you find sitting under the steak that you buy at the grocery store. They absorb the blood and goo seeping from your tattoo without drawing out the ink! It's pretty cool! Also, they advise that you keep it covered by this bandage overnight and do not remove it until the next morning (in order to keep bacteria and dirt out). Then, on day two you are able to wash it with fragrance free, mild soap. On the third day you can start applying lotion to the tattoo: she suggested Lubriderm (fragrance free of course).

So, needless to say, once Antoine, Vanessa and I left Mothers we were all sporting our black bandages. Antoine's wasn't visible since his tattoo was on his upper arm, but Vanessa and I looked a little strange with our matching bandaged wrists. After Antoine and I dropped off Vanessa at her house, we decided to grab an early dinner at Chick-fil-A (aka Antoine's and my favorite fast food joint). I was particularly craving Chick-fil-A since it's the time of year when they release their Peppermint Chocolate Chip Milkshake...aka pepperminty heaven in a styrofoam cup! Seriously, it's all kinds of good...go get one!

As soon as we made our way through the food court, towards the Chick-fil-A, I became immediately aware of just how strange I must have looked to everyone...

Exhibit A

People must have thought that I was all kinds of know, being a wacko wrist cutter and all! Or, at the very least, an extra for Girl, Interrupted: Two! Needless to say, we didn't stick around at the mall for too long since I felt all weirded out by the peculiar looks I was getting from strangers...and no, I wasn't wearing my obnoxious, oversized glasses so it was definitely the bandage that was drawing attention, not my face! Note to self: when your tattoo bandage makes you look like a suicidal crazy person...avoid large crowds, especially malls!

*Please be advised that I am not a tattoo artist or medical professional! I know nothing about tattoo aftercare except for what I have been instructed to do by my artists! Please contact your own artist or a reputable artist in your area for information regarding aftercare practice for your tattoo. Do not listen to me!

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