Friday, November 5, 2010

All Work and No Play...

...makes Jessica a very cranky/exhausted girl!

Last week I worked a total of almost 25 hours at Sbux alone (Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday)!

Documentation of said fun-filled weekend [insert sarcasm here].

With my boss grinding coffee thrown in for good measure!

So, if you're keeping track, that's four days instead of my usual three! It made for a fairly uneventful weekend, what with two days of working, puppy parenting and opposite schedules on Saturday. Bright side: this week I only had to work two days! Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, I know! [Bonus points to the person who can name that musical?!]

Now, you may be scratching your head and wondering why, why Jessica did you only work twice this week? Well, dear confused reader, it's because it's that time of year...the time when my crazy immediate family gets together to celebrate multiple birthdays and holidays all in one weekend. In a cabin, in the woods, for several days. We're talking turkey dinner, birthday cake, Christmas gifts, etc. See, my sister and her husband usually stay here in Cincinnati for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and generally Antoine and I don't make it home to my parents house for Thanksgiving because of our part-time jobs. So a couple of years ago we started doing this...getting together to celebrate everything all at once. We basically eat lots of food (including a full Thanksgiving dinner), play wii, go hiking (well, at least the youngin's), play board games, eat some more food, celebrate some birthdays and sometimes drink a little! It's good times!

This year we're going to Hocking Hills (last year it was Gatlinburg, the year before that it was Deer Creek). In fact, as you read this, Antoine and I are packing up the car and getting ready to drop Cheese off at the boarding place and making our way to the cabin! Believe it or not, I've never been to Hocking Hills. So, I'm pretty excited to do some hiking!

Don't worry though, I gots to keep my promise and post all weekend! So, I'll see you guys tomorrow (not literally of course, because I'll be in Hocking Hills you dweebs! Well, unless you are my sis, bro-in-law, or Antoine reading this...then, this evening, direct your eyes to the 20-something year old in her pjs vegging on the couch...that's me!)! Later peoples!

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