Sunday, November 7, 2010

So Long, Farewell...

It's official...the weekend is nearly over! Even with the extra hour of sleep it just didn't seem long enough! But that's what happens when you're in one of the cutest cabins ever spending your weekend drinking beer and eating too much candy. We had a great weekend "roughing it" in Hocking Hills with the family! The cabin was more adorable than expected, the food was phenomenal, and the amount of sleep I got was astonishing. But there was one nice thing about leaving the cabin and heading back home earlier today...

Getting to see this guy!

We picked up the Cheese-man from the boarding place earlier this afternoon and I have to admit, we really missed the guy! I'm not sure if he missed us too much, seems like he had a good time at the boarding place (he was pretty exhausted when we picked him up). While it was nice not to have to put on your coat and let the dog out every couple hours this weekend, I gotta say I missed him and his oh-so-cheesy personality!

Check in tomorrow and the rest of the week for more on our weekend away, including a crap-ton of pictures from our hiking adventures at Hocking Hills State Park! Until then, goodnight friends!

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