Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rainbow Cupcakes

One of my favorite blogs that I follow is The Dainty SquidKaylah is a cat lovin', tattooed, creative lady living in Northern Ohio.  She sports the most awesomest hair ever and wears amazing vintage outfits that I couldn't begin to pull off.  And since I've been reading her blog I've wanted to try out her Colorful Cupcakes tutorial.  So, I added it to my 27 things before 28 list (#8).  And then the day after my birthday I made them!

 I followed Kaylah's tutorial exactly, using white cake mix and buying the Wilton food coloring gels she suggested (love them! A sample pack of 12 colors was only $10 on Amazon).  I ended up doing 5 different colors: pink, yellow, green, blue and purple.  When it came to filling the cupcake liners, with about half of them I just randomly threw in different color (see above).

 With the other half I carefully layered the colors in a rainbow pattern.  This took more time and patience.  But it was totally worth it!  I ended up getting two different flavors of frosting: chocolate and lemon.  Antoine's not crazy about chocolate frosting, but I am!

Needless to say, I spent the majority of that weekend eating cupcakes!  But I was okay with that, since it was my birthday weekend and all.

You know, as far as taste goes, these cupcakes are pretty standard.  I mean, it is just box mix.  But now I know that there's something to the phrase "you eat with your eyes first".  These cupcakes were just so much fun and so colorful that I felt they tasted better than they actually were.  I'd highly recommend this tutorial to anyone, especially for a kids birthday or something.  The response I got when I posted some of these photos on Facebook was pretty intense.  Everyone was in awe...if they only knew just how easy they are to make.  And how much fun they were to eat!

1.)  Read Jane Eyre
2.)  Go to Midpoint Music Festival
3.)  Romantic cabin weekend with Antoine
4.)  Start jogging
5.)  Make at least 4 LP books for Etsy
6.)  Finally watch Casa Blanca and Citizen Kane
7.)  Go camping with Amanda and Aaron
8.)  Make rainbow cupcakes
9.)  Go canoeing
10.)  Visit Cuyahoga Valley National Park
11.)  Learn to shoot photos manually
12.)  Embroider/needlepoint something
13.)  Gather, scan, and print family photos
14.)  Make a miniature book
15.)  Make blueberry jam from scratch
16.)  Have another drunken, long-distance tweeting party
17.)  Make most of the Xmas gifts I give this year
18.)  Get a pedicure this summer
19.)  Try 5 new (or new to me) Cincinnati restaurants: one down, four to go
20.)  Have an unplugged day with Antoine
21.)  Learn to French braid
22.)  Buy yarn from a fancy yarn store
23.)  Blow dry my hair less (doing good so far!)
24.)  Go to the "World's Longest Yard Sale"
25.)  Learn to make latte art
26.)  Plant a better garden
27.)  Hang more of our Rob Jones prints/posters

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Angel said...

your rainbow cupcakes turned out so good. Much better than mine, I can only really master 2 or 3 colours at a time.