Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weekend in Instagram: Columbus edition

This past weekend I drove up to Columbus to hangout with my best friend, Amanda.  We were both overdue for some girl-time together, and Antoine was nice enough to offer up some hotel reward so we had a free place to stay.  The weekend was filled with good stuff like tasty food, shopping and wine drinking, and here's the proof:

FYI: I think the Heidi braid is going to become my second best friend during the summer-time!

Saturday night we picked up some pizza from Mellow Mushroom.  It was the first time trying it, for both of us.  Pictured is the Red Skin Potato Pie, which was pretty awesome!

Afterward dinner we did classy things like put on our pajamas and filled up the bathroom sink with ice, to chill our wine.

We continued to be classy, each drinking a bottle of wine out of plastic cups while watching Big Bang Theory and That 70s Show.

After I picked up Cheese from his boarding place and took him back home and gave him a bath, I curled up on the couch and tried out my new nail polish I had picked up on Saturday.

Overall, it was a nice, relaxing weekend filled with laughing and perhaps a bit too much wine.  It makes me wish, desperately, that Amanda still lived in Cincinnati, so we could hangout more often.  [Insert sad pathetic guilt trip here].  Anyway, stayed tuned tomorrow for a peek into Columbus' Franklin Park Conservatory!

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