Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cheese Loves Snow: Part One

If you live in the Midwest, as I do, you might be aware that this past weekend was a snowy one. Luckily, in Cincinnati, it didn't start snowing until about 6am on Sunday morning and I had already made it safely to work by then. So instead of scrapping off my car and trying to venture down icy roads I stood in Sbux, sipping coffee, and watching the big, beautiful flakes come down. It was a very picturesque morning. After I got off from work Antoine and I decided to take Cheese outside to play in the snow, just in front of our house, so I could take some pictures.

Our house

Cheese loves snow...what little snow we've already had this year he has absolutely loved it! He especially likes to put his face in the clue why?! He's just strange!

Another thing we discovered is that Cheese loves snowballs. He loves to eat them. Here's some proof:

Stay tuned tomorrow for more pictures of Cheese in the snow! Until then, Happy Wednesday!

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