Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Finally Finished Furnishing

This past weekend Antoine and I finally brought together all the odds and ends that we hadn't yet completed from our bedroom redecorating endeavor we began months ago. This was mainly spurred into action because of the crazy insanity that comes over me anytime my parents come to visit. And when I say "parents", I mean my mom! She, like her mother, is meticulously nit-picky about the tidiness of her children's houses! I know I shouldn't care and it's not worth the stress that we put ourselves under, but when your mom gets up in the middle of a conversation to get some Windex and paper towels to dust off your TV...then you come talk to me! BUT, I will say this...while the crazy, chaotic, all-consuming cleaning is uber stressful, in the end it is worth it! Because once my parents leave and drive three and a half hours back to northern Ohio Antoine and I are left to relax in our spotless house!

This past cleaning spree was particularly rewarding because it not only meant a clean house to enjoy, but also the completion of a project that had been lagging for a while now...our bedroom! Before our bedroom had been...unfinished, boring, messy and did I say boring? The color was okay, this bluish-purple color...

But at night the color caused the room to be overly dark and depressing.

Add to that that everything was, bedding, etc. And the somewhat large bedroom was dwarfed by an enormous king bed that was old and uncomfortable. And I didn't even have a nightstand! It was the only room in the house (minus the bathroom) that felt incomplete. We hadn't hung any pictures or committed any real time or energy to the space...something had to be done! So, we painted the walls and touched up the ceiling paint. We downsized to a new queen bed and got all new *matching* furniture from Ikea. And now, I'm in love! It's become my haven! It's relaxing and peaceful and modern.


The larger dresser has a mirror hanging over it and some cute little chicks & hens/succulents sitting on top of it!

We went to thrift stores and bought cheap frames and spray painted them black for our picture frame cluster behind our headboard! We filled the picture frames with shots of us, our animals and flowers/nature shots I've taken.

It makes me smile!

*Apologies for the not so stellar parents got me a new wide angle/fish eye lens for Xmas but I don't think it's 100% compatible for my camera!

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