Friday, December 3, 2010

'Tis the Season

It's funny how every year the holidays seem to become more and more commercialized. All of a sudden November hits and you start to see Christmas merchandise in all the major stores. Before you've even enjoyed your food-coma-that-is-Thanksgiving you're being bombarded by holiday music on the radio and in the stores. And as much as I hate all of this, the new LCD Xmas lights sitting next to the Halloween clearance and the oh-so-joyous-and-gloriously-nauseating stream of Xmas music playing at Sbux every evening I gotta admit something to you, my very lovely friends...I'm kind of excited about Xmas this year!

Last year, around this time, we were just trying to get settled into our new house (read: "our first house together") and the last thing we had time, energy or money for was Xmas! Hell, we still had crap in boxes cluttering up our living room, we certainly weren't thinking about a tree, stockings or Xmas lights! We ended up spending the holiday at my parents house, as I had all my years before, but in the way-back parts of my brain I was scheming and planning! Planning for next year, when we could actually celebrate in our own home!

The second Xmas was over Antoine and I headed out to the stores (with my Mom in tow) and, taking advantage of 50 to 75% off, loaded up on ornaments, stockings, and a beautiful pre-lit tree! In the past, I've always been the one to assemble and decorate my parents was grunt work, like cleaning the toilet, something that my Mom's back and joints couldn't handle and didn't involve the basement, garage or yard and was, therefore, out of my Dad's scope of duties. But last year, the idea of a Xmas OUR home...gave me little butterflies on my inside parts! It's so sappy and consumerist of me, but I can't help it...something about a Xmas tree makes our house feel even more like HOME! So, behold, our beautiful tree that I assembled several days after Thanksgiving (aka WAY too early) that the animals have yet to knock down or destroy...

Oh, and I happen to have about 98% of my Xmas shopping done as well! I'm a lunatic, I know!

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