Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend in Instagram

 Cotton Candy flavored Snowie to cool off from a hot weekend.

 The little baby watermelon that's growing in our garden.  It's a little bigger than a softball now.

 The Cheese-man, on the way home from an exciting visit to the dog park (one of two trips to the dog park this weekend).

 Egg and cheese sandwich, courtesy of Antoine.

 I used my new juicer for the first time this weekend!  I had fun experimenting with all the variations.  Here's one of my favorites so far.
 There's nothing quite like a spontaneous trip to Jungle Jim's and a crap-ton of impulse buying!

Sunday morning brunch at Cheesecake Factory.  Behold, lemon ricotta pancakes! YUM!

After two trips to the dog park Cheese was completely covered in mud...oh the joy of having a dog that's so low to the ground!  Bath time for the dirty Cheese!

Sunday dinner included itty bitty ears of sweet corn from our garden.  Quite tasty!

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Kimia Kline said...

ok these photos are amazing. what is it about baby watermelons that melt my heart everytime i see them? they are just so stinkin cute!