Monday, August 1, 2011

What I Did This Weekend...

  • Made fruit pizza for the first time:
 mini fruit pizzas

  • Shot a bow and arrow for the first time:

  • Snapped an arrow in half by ricocheting it off a tree (who knew that was possible)
  • Saw my HLP
  • Ate delicious grilled cheese (the Parmageddon rocked my world!)
  • Became engrossed by a teeny-tiny one-legged grasshopper, who I didn't name but I should have

  •  Drank too much on Saturday, but didn't get drunk (7 beers over the span of 10 hours)
  • Played the game "Spoons" with a bunch of pre-teen second cousins...and kicked their asses!!
  • Took more pictures of flowers:

  • Played in the creek by my uncle's house
  • Found a skull (complete with jawbone) of what seems to be a raccoon
  • Took said skull home, even after Antoine called me a weirdo
  • Witnessed a bunch of relatives getting trashed, and a certain one (one of the three pictured below) fall down:
  • After Antoine shot a gun for the first time, with my uncle...I told him REPEATEDLY that he cannot get a gun because I hate guns!!  (Are you listening Tran?)
  • Laughed out loud at the exhausted faces Cheese was making on the way back to Cincinnati after spending the weekend playing with a 8 month old Great Dane puppy:


  • Tried my best to convince Antoine to play hookie this week from work/consulting and stay home with me.  Sadly, it didn't work :(

1 comment:

Christian said...

In my defense, my fall was equal parts head rush from sitting too long and from the booze.

Maybe a bit more from the booze, but it was a pretty even split.