Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kitchen Company

Sometimes when A and I are in the kitchen whipping up something for dinner, the animals feel the need to accompany us.  They're probably just waiting for one of us to drop some sort of food item on the floor.  I mean, that's normal pet behavior, right?  Weird thing is, if it's just me in the kitchen/house the Cheese-man might come in and see what I'm up to, but he very rarely will stay in there.  And if I'm flying solo, usually Gui is nowhere to be seen.  BUT if it's me and Antoine in the kitchen then, for some reason, both animals decide they need to be in there too.  Like it's a family event and they don't want to be left out or something.  Bunch of weirdos!  Anyway, while we were making dinner one night (I was working on the pomegranate brussel sprouts) I snapped a couple pictures of Gui (Cheese was in and out and in and out, making it difficult to get a good picture of him).

Look at those whiskers!

This is his usual, "Get the hell away from me, dog!" face.

An after-dinner snap of A and I.

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