Thursday, January 12, 2012

Life in the Last Three Weeks...

...through the eyes of Instagram.

Hi, remember me?  It's been awhile!  The past couple weeks have been a mixture of good, bad and the in-between.  A and I got engaged and celebrated a delightful Xmas together.  I discovered that a friend passed away, attended the memorial service of this very special and unique woman, and wrestled with finding the right way to console your best friend when you can't come up with words that can help heal after such a massive loss.  We celebrated New Years in downtown Cleveland, A went back to work, I finished some craft projects, we started wedding planning, and work, for me, continued to be exciting and crazy.

It's been a strange couple of weeks.  But there were definitely some really good moments (amongst the bad and so-so ones), some of which I've highlighted here through Instagram.

A and I went to Oriental Wok for Xmas Eve dinner with my sis and brother-in-law.  Good times.  Notice that yellow scarf, I made it!  And I'm kind of in love with it!

Cheesy got a new toy for Xmas, one he hasn't managed to destroy just yet (miracle of miracles!).

Xmas morning we opened presents, just A and me.  Then I made mimosas and A made his famous Liege waffles.

For Xmas dinner, Antoine cooked up a delicious filet mignon with compound butter, baked sweet potato with cinnamon sugar butter and steamed veggies.

We ate said delicious dinner over candlelight at the dinner our pajamas.  It was perfect.

And, if dinner wasn't enough, A also made his spectacular creme brulee for dessert! 

Throughout dinner and dessert Cheese sat quietly at our feet, like a little angel.

There was much wine-drinking over the holidays.

For New Years we had a low-key celebration in our downtown Cleveland hotel room with my HLP and her boyfriend.  It was very nice.

On the way back home from Cleveland, A and I stopped in Columbus to explore, by coffee and get dinner.

My lovely HLP, Amanda, got me a wonderful Moka stovetop espresso maker.  I absolutely adore it and have used it regularly since I got it!  Luckily, I've had some previous barista experience so I can whip up a mean latte, if I do say so myself.  I'm so very addicted!

Cheese continued to be adorable.  And continued to beg for food.  And lattes.

There were a string of beautiful sunsets and sunrises a couple weeks ago.

I began working on an afghan I had started a year or two ago.

And, what do you know, I actually finished it!

Antoine came home from the airport last Friday with pretty flowers for me.  I think he likes me, or something.

The following morning, the sky was dusted with pink puffy clouds.

And the Cheese-man continued to be cute.  Especially in closeup form.

I snagged some awesome new espresso cups on the further my new addiction.

Gui and I held hands.

 Antoine made delicious waffles from scratch.  Seriously, he's amazing!

A and I went to the Cincinnati Art Museum, and I admired this man's impressive 'stache.

I broke out in hives for no apparent reason and had to start taking large amounts of steroids and Benadryl. 

Guillermo, as per usual, jumped into bed with me almost every single morning, over the last three weeks.  Purring up a storm and looking cute.

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