Life List

This is a Life List.  A list of things I want to accomplish during my life.  A list of goals, if you will.  And if I cannot/do not reach them before my demise I will be saddened (as much as one can be in the afterlife...if there is an afterlife). It will be an ever evolving list that I'll update as I complete goals from the list, while also adding new goals to the list. So here we go...

1.) Meet the love of my life (I know, I'm cheating here, but I feel like it's good for my personal well-being to check off a thing or two from the start)

2.)  Stop living in an apartment and own a house

3.) Marry Antoine (aka become a Sadie...there's another musical reference for ya!)

4.) Get a dog (preferably a Great Dane or Basset Hound)

5.) Take a road trip cross-country to the West Coast

6.) Go to Germany

7.) Go to Ireland

8.) Go to Italy

9.) Cover my left arm in tattoos (I have an idea for a sleeve in mind and I'm about 1/4 of the way there)

10.) Get an MLIS (a Master's in Library and Information Sciences)

11.) Take more ceramics classes

12.) Go to Paris and have the best onion soup I've ever had

13.) Trip to Europe with Amanda (that we've been talking about for years)

14.) Visit some part of Asia (preferably Vietnam or Japan)

15.) See the White Stripes one last time in concert (with Antoine) before they break-up  (Thank you White Stripes for breaking up early and not making this a possibility!!)

17.) Learn to drive stick-shift (aka manual)...I tried when I was 16, it didn't go well

18.) Get tattooed with Antoine (I know it's supposed to be the kiss of death to any relationship [I think that's bullshit], but I want Antoine and I to get matching/similar tattoos once we get married).

19.) Make a leather bound book (I've only made paper/cloth bound books so far)

21.) Go back to NYC and go to the Met

22.) Live in another state besides Ohio (and no, northern KY and south-eastern IN do not count)

23.) Have only one job

24.) Visit the Redwoods

25.) Own my own kiln or rent a studio and fire my own pottery

26.) Be the kind of old couple that hold hands when they're sitting in the park or walking around the grocery store

27.) Live abroad for more than a couple of months

28.) Find an amazing Chinese restaurant in Cincinnati for takeout orders (right now we usually go to First Wok, it's good, but not SPECTACULAR!)

29.) Grow my hair long again, down to my chest

30.) After growing my hair long, donate it to Locks of Love or a similar organization

31.)  Go camping

32.) Win something from a blog giveaway (like maybe a fancy shmancy stand mixer from Pioneer Woman?!)   I won a $50 gift card to Omaha Steaks...good enough for me!

33.) Learn Vietnamese (at least a little bit of it so I can understand some of the stuff Antoine and his family say to each other) 

34.) Make a souffle (preferably chocolate)

35.) Enter a book into a book arts exhibit

36.) Win "best overall" at our annual Edible Books competition at the library