Friday, April 2, 2010

Edible Books Festival '10

Despite being horribly sick yesterday (and still today) with what appears to be a sinus infection I had a great time at the Edible Books festival. As usual, it's fun to see what people can come up with. Sometimes the entries are cute and sometimes they're gross. Occasionally there's an edible book that's a little over the top and usually there's one or two that is a little oversimplified (ex. an empty plate with a sign attached stating "Gouda will return in five minutes"...a play on words for "Waiting for Godot"). But most of all the event is an excuse to take a break from your job or from school or whatever consumes all your time (in my case, two jobs, three cats, and a little madness) and have fun and eat some yummy treats!

Until now, I've kept my edible entry a surprise. I know, the suspense is probably killing you! But you'll have to wait a little longer, first, here's some of the other entries...

My boss, Holly, did "In Cold Blood" complete with jello, corn syrup blood and old school metal ice trays. It was awesomely creepy!

This was an entry from the Chem-Bio library..."2010: A Cake Odyssey". This was one of the ones I'll go ahead and put in the "over the top" category...since it had music and lights.

The Mad Hatter's hat. Props to her for using fondant (aka Hell on a cake).

One of the students from our department did this, "Animal Farm". Look at her cute piggies made out of starbursts and her horse made out of tootsie rolls.

The eerie zombies from "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies".

This was the overall winner of the event, "Caps for Sale".

And no, I'm not bitter this year about not winning (although I can't say the same for Antoine). Last year I thought my entry was the shit, and I will admit I was bummed when the judges didn't agree! Antoine and I had sized up the competition and we were so sure we had it in the bag. Then, out of nowhere another entry (which was cute by fairly simple and tasted gross) won and I was crushed. I was robbed and I was hurt, but after that I vowed to myself that this year I wouldn't take things so seriously. Instead, I just wanted to focus on having fun! So that's what I did, which was a good thing since this year I happen to have an upper respiratory infection which made me less than thrilled to stay up until 11pm the night before making a cat out of rice krispies.

But next's so on! I've decided that I should alternate my level of competitiveness every year. One year I'll aim for the gold (in this case, best overall entry) and the next I'll take it easy and just set out to have fun (like this year). So, without further ado...

Mini strawberry cupcakes with vanilla frosting and sprinkles.

My entry: "If You Give a Cat a Cupcake" complete with a black and white rice krispie cat.

Part of the book is if you give a cat a cupcake he's going to want to put sprinkles on it, hence the sprinkles!

I had fun with it and I think people enjoyed my cupcakes. One little girl even spent a good amount of time trying to remove the cats head to keep it to take home! As for next year, I'm bringing out the big guns. I think I've already decided what I'm going to do and it is going to be awesome! I just hope I'm not sick again!

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