Wednesday, April 28, 2010

...Hear That?...That's the Sound of My Heart Melting!

So, I'm a freak and I love making lists. Not just lists about what I need to pack for a trip or what I need at the grocery, that'd be too normal (although I make those too!). I'm talking about lists for what specific things I need to do in an evening. Here, let me give you an example:

Go to Findlay -get Dojo and veggies
Make dinner
Do dishes
Antoine mow the lawn
Jessica make pizza crust (for Thursday's dinner)
Paint toe nails

No joke...this is actually a list I wrote (including the "relax" part)! My lists are generally on post-its and usually there are two versions, the first is the sloppier "just jotting down ideas" note (that later gets tossed) and the second is the nicely written and more chronological/geographical list (i.e. if it's a general list then I'll write it in the order that things need to get done and if it's a grocery list I usually write it in the order that things would appear as I walk through the store). Sometimes there's an occasional third list when the second one isn't neat enough or if I'm using a pen and have made a spelling error (God forbid there be a freaking spelling error in my grocery list!).

Anyway, so all day today I was dreaming about having the next three evenings off from Sbux (with Antoine...exciting I know!) and thinking of all the things I needed/wanted to do during my nights off. So, of course, I ended up writing three separate lists on three separate post-it notes and sticking them to my computer screen. After doing this I realized...I'm a freak! A big giant freak! Did I really need a list to tell me to make dinner? Or paint my toe nails? Or freaking relax?? Apparently I do! And apparently, at least to Antoine, I'm not all that crazy for it...

[an AIM conversation between Antoine and I]

me: so, i'm weird and I've made lists for the next three evenings

atran: oh yeah?

that's awesome!

i love your lists!

me: really??

why would you love my lists?

atran: i dunno

cause it's cute!!

Awe!! How freaking sweet is that!? Now I definitely know I've found my lobster (like I didn't already know that!)!

Update (4/29): I now have four post-it note lists stuck to my computer screen. One for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I can't help myself! I have a problem! Are their psychotherapists that specialize in treating list makers!? It's like a drug...I finish a list and I kind of feel like I just smoked crack or something (not that I know what that's like, but I can imagine)!

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