Thursday, April 29, 2010

We Now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Blogcast: Kindness and Karma Week

I'm a tad ashamed. I haven't been taking Kindness and Karma week nearly as seriously as I'd initially hoped! Tuesday proved to be a horribly wretched day where every little thing seemed to go wrong and then yesterday was a of lobsters, the making of lists and dreams of ink. But today, today I focus! And, due to my slackerness, I'm going to have to force several days of kindness into one. But I have faith that I can do it!

Following along with the Grumbles' posts I have about three days worth of kindness to catch up on...

1.) The Internet kind...doing nice things for people via the Internets. So far I've made a little bit of progress already in this department. I thanked the Grumbles for her invention of Kindness and Karma week (via a comment on her first comment on her blog), I thanked a fellow Sbuxer who switched swifts with me this week (via a Facebook message), and I put a little love note up on my mom's Facebook wall. It's crazy how just doing those minute things has improved my own mood and made me feel even cheerier!

2.) As for the real kind of kindness or being kind to people, namely strangers, in real life...I'm working on that. This is a tricky one for me, as well as for the Grumbles, since I'm usually not one who would approach a stranger and talk to them...ever! However, I do have some stuff in the works for non-strangers. Some of that will occur this weekend and other things will happen tonight and tomorrow (stuff like little love notes and phone calls to my parents, who I haven't talked to lately because I've been so busy). And as far as the stranger thing goes, I guess I'll wait for an opportunity to present itself and see if I have the guts to follow through!

3.) Onto the importance of keeping it in perspective, or remembering what exactly you're trying to do here and not get wrapped up in all the messy stuff, which, as I've stated, is harder than you think. But...I'm taking care of that right now! I realized I was a moron and got too wrapped up in all those shitty little problems and forgot the bigger picture, and now I'm acknowledging my moronicity (I know that's not a word...except now it is...BOOM)!

So, I'm going to re-watch the pale, blue dot video and remember why I wanted to participate in this K&K week to begin with! Now I'm going to leave you to do some kindness for myself and for others! And if you want to join in of the kindness-fun remember it doesn't take much to make a person (including yourself) give it a try!

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