Monday, April 12, 2010

One Option I Didn't Consider...

Well, it's no suprise that after a month or so of sickness I'm still sick. I'm still battling the runny nose and cough of my upper respiratory infection, and now my back pain has gotten progressively worse. This past weekend I traveled north to visit my parents. And during the entire weekend my back was bothering me so I took it easy. I sat in the recliner and alternated ice and heat on my back. It didn't help. And now this morning I woke up at 2am in such severe pain that I could barely move. Looks like I'll be making another trip to urgent care today to figure out what's going on with my back.

You may recall my post last week entitled Conspiracy Theories, in which I went over all the possible causes of my sickness. It occured to me that I left out one possibility from the list...a curse! Possibly some sort of weirdo voodoo curse like the one in the Serpent and the Rainbow. Although, to the best of my knowledge, I was never buried alive and resurrected. Maybe it's a curse a la Practical Magic? Although I don't know what Nicole Kidman or Sandra Bullock would have against me!? I have never said anything but nice things about the two of them, especially Bullock, I think she's a mighty fine actress and a very pretty lady! Perhaps Damien from the Omen is tormenting me with his evil demonic powers!? I wouldn't put it past him, he's a creepy little kid! We'll go with seems more probable to me that the Anti-christ might be visiting Cincinnati and out to get me! I mean, even the devil needs some Graeter's ice cream every once in a while, and while visiting why not torture a couple of unsuspecting mortals!! I'm onto you Damien! I'll sick my cat on you if you don't watch out! [Note that if the anti-christ were in fact trying to torture me, I think the warning statement "I"m onto you" and a threat of an attack from the most sissiest of all cats (Gui) wouldn't do shit!]

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