Monday, April 19, 2010

Bad Days

Well, as usual, I worked this past Saturday at Sbux. And, to my dismay, it was an 8 hour shift on a very busy Saturday morning. I think it was hands down one of the worst days I've ever had at Sbux in the 2+ years I've been there. Sometimes I can walk into that place half asleep without any breakfast in my belly and I can turn around and make drinks like nobody's business! There are days when I'm on the register in the morning and I'm just so "on"...brewing coffee, marking someone's drink before they've even told me their order and grabbing 5 pastries out of the case simultaneously. Then there are days like this Saturday. I start off on register...messing up peoples' drink orders, forgetting about their brewed coffee or pastry, telling them the wrong total, and generally stumbling around like an idiot. Luckily, I wasn't the only one. Amy, our resident sweetheart who knows nearly every customer's name and just recently became our district's employee of the month, was also having a bad day. She was on bar and kept spilling things and messing up orders. It wasn't long before our frustration became evident, so we decided to switch places, in the hopes that that might help. It did not. I spent most of my shift Saturday on bar spilling hot beverages on myself (namely my hands), messing up orders, knocking over entire pitchers and cups of liquid onto the counter and making what seemed to be like 1 million frappachinos (any barista's nightmare). There were a couple times during the day where I nearly started crying...and I don't do that! So, needless to say I was glad when 3:30pm came and I got to leave!

My plan for this weekend was to work and clean the house. But after my horrible shift at Sbux on Saturday I was exhausted, physically and emotionally! So cleaning was the last thing on my mind. Instead I went to my best friend's house to feed her cat, got a shower and tried to recover by watching tv. Sunday was even less successful, I woke up before 7am for some reason (maybe because my two jobs have conditioned me too) so I went downstairs, ate a bowl of cereal and watched tv. At noonish Antoine left for work and I fell asleep. I woke up over three hours later. But still I was so very exhausted so I laid on the couch falling in and out of unconsciousness before my sister called and invited me to go get ice cream and hang out with her for a little bit. Needless to say, I didn't get any cleaning done Sunday either. Our house is completely trashed and we have a guest coming in from out of town on Thursday. So that means I have Tuesday and Wednesday night to clean, because tonight I have to work at Sbux again. Yay! (note the sarcasm) I'm not sure how much longer I can do this whole two jobs thing. Sometimes it works out ok, other times I want to rip out my hair I'm so exhausted. And unfortunately, I'm really starting to hate/resent that place. Ugh.

People tell me to "just quit Sbux" if I'm not happy/exhausted, like it's the easiest thing in the world. Hell, Antoine just told me this morning that I should quit. And while that idea is's not practical. We need the extra money. My income from Sbux basically pays for my student loans, without it I'm not sure where that money would come from. So, it's not just a simple, easy decision to make. In order to be rid of Sbux something would have to change, either in how Antoine and I spend money (and frankly there's not much we can take away at this point...we don't have cable or anything extravagant like that) or Antoine would have to get promoted (with my day job it's not possible for me to get promoted). But until something happens I don't foresee the possibility of being able to quit my part time job. It's just that simple. Sad but true.

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