Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kindness and Karma Week

Yesterday I read a post by a fellow blogger that really inspired me, so I decided to share it with you. She (the Grumbles) explained how recently she's been in a funk, feeling worried about all the pressure and anxiety life puts on her...letting the bad stuff get the best of her. Then she watched this video (and I think you should watch it too) and realized the insignificance of all that worry and anxiety and how letting it consume her wasn't going to do anything to improve her mood. When we have so many wonderful things in our lives (family, friends, love, a home, etc.) should we really be focusing on the negatives? Her answer was no...and so she put an end to her funk then and there and decided to focus on what she could do to not only lift herself up, but also lift those around her up as well. So, she challenged her readers to join her in this little experiment and participate in Kindness and Karma Week (her own little invention/experiment)...

The reason why her post was particularly compelling to me is because up until this weekend I've felt a little lost, a little disconnected, and a little over-worked. I believe the prime cause of my funk was my string of illnesses for the past 2 months. Being sick seems to take you away from yourself and your life, make you more exhausted, and make everything seem just a little off. And while I was aware that things were off, I wasn't exactly sure how to fix it. Yet this weekend everything seemed to fall into place. I was starting to feel human again and any disconnection I felt in my home, with work, and with Antoine seemed to mend itself. Still, even though everything is peachy keen right know I know that it would only make things better to stay conscious and aware of all those amazing things in my life and let them be my focus rather than the negative stuff. So, I'm going to take a note from the Grumbles and do my part (for myself and others) during Kindness and Karma week!

I figure I'll do whatever I have to to bring myself and those around me a little more joy! I'll set aside any bad feelings about having two jobs, my lack of sleep, kitty hairballs on my comforter, or aggravating coworkers and instead I'll focus on what I can do to make those bad feelings go away. Whether that's an extra hug, a little love note, a deep breath, a milkshake, or a phone call. Already, this very morning, I can sense the universe is testing me! The morning was a little rocky, I overslept, found out there was nothing to pack for lunch, and the cat was vomiting as I was trying to leave, but I have to just shake it off. Instead of focusing on all that stuff I'll be conscious of the fact that I still made it to work on time (showered and everything), that even though I have to work tonight I'll have Wednesday and Thursday night off with Antoine, that after tonight I don't have to work again until Saturday and that I've got some fun little projects/events in store for this week! So, I'm letting the kindness and the karma take control of me this week and I think only good can come from it! And I hope you'll join me...even if in your own small way.

Here's a brief list of some things I have in mind to bring myself a little joy this week:

-Dojo gelato for dessert Wednesday night
-try my hand at some cooking...
-caramelized onion and prosciutto pizza (a PW recipe) - for dinner Wednesday or Thursday night
-set up plans for a pedicure with the girls
-spend mucho quality time with Antoine
-eat dinner out on the patio with Antoine
-some kitty snuggling
-work on my two books I'm currently making

You will notice that I have not listed anything that I plan on doing to bring a little joy to others. Some of the "others" I plan on doing things for read this blog...it wouldn't be any fun to let them know what's in store, would it? No, it wouldn't! So, that is all for now! I'll definitely keep you posted on my progress with Kindness and Karma week! Take care!

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