Tuesday, March 22, 2011


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I've got a couple of weddings and such to go to this year and I'm in desperate need of a fun little dress to wear. I've had my eye on this one for quite some time, mainly because it's so fun and unlike anything I have in my closet. Plus, it's not my standard black, which isn't the best color for weddings anyway. Plus, I think it's a flattering shape for me, since I'm a curvy lady!

After making bank this weekend at tea I finally have the funds to afford said dress and accompanying pieces...I'm just having a little trouble when it comes to styling the dress! I have a tendency to be a little matchy-matchy, but at the same time I don't want to look out of place. Help, help, help! Red cardigan? Yellow cardigan? White? Or Black? And then what about shoes?!? Flats are a given, but yellow, red or black? I was thinking black-ish tights, maybe with a little design on them (like hearts)...or is that too much? I've decided on these cute little arrow earrings, but then is a necklace too much? Maybe a long locket? Or should I do a bracelet, which is not something I normally wear? HELP!


the grumbles said...

my votes:
love the dress!
red cardigan
black tights– or GREY! (i don't care for the pattern, but i'm a conservative dresser so you may not want to listen to me on that one)
yellow shoes (grey tights + yellow = superwin)
bare neck
dangle earrings

Anonymous said...

Great dress! You will look fabulous in this! I agree red cardigan. the arrow earrings are very nice. I think any gold earrings would be good. I also think some bracelets would be nice, a gold cuff or gold bangles or mix gold bangles with plastic bangles in red, white, blue, or green. any of the shoes you have shown here are good. the yellow ones especially are nice & festive for a wedding. you could also do a green shoe. I say no to spotted or hearted (which read as spotted) tights. I think that makes it too twee. if it is a summer wedding I would say no tights at all. if it is cool out or you want to wear tights then I think navy or royal blue fishnet tights in a tight fishnet weave (not a wide or open fishnet weave). example tights here:

wonderousclusterf#@k said...

Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it! And it is kind of along the lines of what I was originally thinking anyway (although I love the idea of doing grey tights...especially with yellow shoes)...but I was afraid I was being too matchy-matchy! I bought the dress today, and I think I might have found the red cardigan and the yellow shows (both very inexpensive)! I like the idea of a gold bracelet Susan! I found this cute vintage cuff on Etsy that has little flowers engraved in it...and it's only $8!

Thanks again guys!