Thursday, March 3, 2011

What the F#@k...

I'm sick again!  The death popsicle has returned.  Although I am feeling a tad bit better today, yesterday wasn't pretty.  Hacking all day at work to the point where my voice went a little froggy.  Then I spent the evening on the couch with Cheese, shivering uncontrollably under my heated blanket, drifting in and out of unconsciousness.  All I could manage was a handful of cereal for dinner (no wonder I felt like I was going to faint this morning).  I am seriously over this whole sick thing!  Sure, it's nice to have a couple days off, vegging in front of the tv, but when you've used up most of sick time and you've got a fun trip to Asheville, NC planned this weekend it's just not cool anymore!

Also, I'm kind of pissed.  I had this long list of things I wanted to get done before Antoine comes home tonight from Chicago, but I haven't made any progress!  The house is not clean.  There's still dishes piled up in the sink!  I didn't do any laundry, or put any clean clothes away.  I did give Cheese a bath, but that's about it!  Grrrr!  I'm ready to be done this sickness so I can actually feel human again.

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