Monday, June 20, 2011


This morning was a little bittersweet for me.  First of all, the weekend seemed to go by in a flash.  Zip.  Zap.  Boom.  And it was over.  Before I knew it it was 5am this morning and I was crawling out of bed, getting dressed to take Antoine to the airport.  Usually, Monday's are sad, but in the back of my mind I tell myself, "Self, don't worry!  Thursday is just around the corner!" (creepy, I know!)  And while Thursday may be just around the corner, this week it will not bring with it my usual trip to the airport to pick up Antoine.  Nope.  This week, instead of flying home on Thursday Antoine's taking advantage of the perks of his consulting job and flying to L.A. for the weekend to see his best friend, Cory.  Normally not seeing A for almost two weeks would make me very sad (and it still kind of does), but he's just so excited to visit his friend, who he hasn't seen since he moved to L.A. almost a year ago, that I'm really just happy for him.  Don't worry your pretty little head about lonesome ol' me though, I've decided to head north to parents for the weekend (with Cheese in tow).  In fact, it worked out that all the women from my dad's side of the family are getting together for a little girl's weekend in Port Clinton, so I've decided to tag along.  It should be good times, shopping and visiting with family I don't see that often (and my mom).

Also, on the sighing marks the day of my bestest friend's first day at her new job (Yay!).  After a little rough patch career-wise, my dearest HLP has landed herself a pretty sweet editing job.  Only downside...she had to move to Cleveland.  I'd be mad at her if I didn't think this was a great opportunity and I didn't love her to pieces!  And if her new job didn't happen to be just a hour north of where my parents live!  And if she didn't totally deserve a job she was actually excited about, at a company that actually knows she's the shit!  And if I didn't believe 100% that change is good (especially when that change still leaves her in-state and with-in driving distance!)  Congrats Amanda!

Little mushrooms that I discovered in our yard after I got home from the airport this morning.

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