Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Not in the Stars

Remember that time that I asked for advice on what to wear with this dress?  The couple responses that I got were fantastic, and after I got them I had this perfect vision in my mind of what I wanted to get: the cardigan, the shoes, the jewelry...all of it.  I knew exactly what I wanted.  Problem is, wanting something and being able to find that something are two very different things!  For instance, the red cardigan.  Seemed easy enough, right?!  No, not so much.  Since I had bought my dress just as all the clothing stores were moving into summer colors finding a deep red cardigan proved practically impossible, especially since I'm not a size small and I don't want to blow $100 on a flippin' cardigan.  Example B: the shoes.  I thought I had found a great pair of yellow flats on Ebay.  And the best part, they were $15!  But when I got them they were just the wrong color for the dress (read: bright yellow instead of a slightly muted, mustard yellow).  They were so bright and obnoxious looking that they kind of made me look like a clown.  Strike two.  Luckily the jewelry proved to be a little easier.  I had already purchased a pair of gold arrow earrings on Etsy.  The search for a bracelet wasn't nearly as simple, but I managed to find a vintage gold cuff on Etsy for just $8.

So, even though I had found the jewelry, I still didn't have a cardigan or non-clownish shoes to go with the dress.  Finally I decided to give up on my dream of a red, or hell even yellow cardigan (you'd think summer ='d be wrong!  Apparently summer = terrifying neon yellow-green).  Since the belt was black and I had recently purchased a little black cardigan with floral detail at Kohl's (on sale), I figured that was as good as I was going to get.  Now onto shoes.  I found a couple pairs online, but after the misrepresentation of color I experienced with the first pair I was wary to buy another pair of shoes online!  So I was forced to settle for a pair of cute black flats (that would get much use after the wedding).  Now, since my outfit had become a little overloaded with blackness, I decided opague tights in black or gray might not be the best route, especially for a summer wedding.  So instead I went for nude pantyhose (since I, for some strange reason, can't stand having completely naked legs).

There you have it.  In the end I haven't ended up with nearly the outfit I hoped for, but I suppose it'll do.  I have yet to try the look on in its entirety, but I guess I'll be seeing it this Saturday at my friend's wedding.  As far as styling goes, I'll be sporting my favorite up-do...

 A la Cup of Jo.  It's easy and will keep my hair off my neck.

And if I have the guts, maybe I'll be brave enough to actually walk out of the house with some red lipstick on...
Eeek!  I'm terrified just thinking about it!

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