Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February: Photo a Day

During January, several of the folks that I follow on Twitter and/or Instagram were doing this photo a day thing where they had a set list of things to take pictures that month, each day.  One photo a day, or more if a picture-taking mood struck you.  And then the photo(s) got hash tagged #janphotoaday.  I liked the idea and wanted to participate, but by the time I caught on to the trend it was almost a week into January.  And I've always been the type of person who if I was running late to a class I would just opt not to go at all.  I'd rather not go then walk into a class 10 minutes late and have everyone's eyes on me, thinking "what the hell is this girl doing!?"  But for the whole of January I was sitting here, on my throne of jealousy, wishing I had some list telling me what pictures to take which day and forcing me to be at least a little clever about it.  So, I sat with my jealous eyes glaring and stewed.  And then I got wind of a #febphotoaday and my ears pricked up and I began salivating, as if some old dude had just rang his photo-a-day bell or something (sidenote: that is one of the only things I remember from the psychology class I took.  Well, besides watching that movie where Ed Norton pretends to have multiple personalities.  Also, looking back now, I think that professor had a major thing for Richard Gere, we watched at least 3 films with him in them in that class).  Anyway...

the list

Before I knew it I was on the photo-a-day bus, smiling ear to ear.  So, here's a peek of the first 7 days of February's photo a day:

day 1:  my view today (not the most original, I'll admit...but I was warming up)

day 2:  word(s)

 words (alternate)

 day 3:  hand (and heart)

 day 4:  stranger (at Krohn Conservatory)

day 5:  10am

 day 6: dinner

 dinner (alternate): leftover Indian food

 day 7:  button (from my new top)

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