Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Upside

Well, I've been sick for about two and a half weeks now.  Madness, I know!  You may remember how I caught a head cold just after my birthday?  I did the usual, saw the doctor, got the antibiotics and drank the fluids.  Within a couple of days I was feeling better, stellar even.  I was back to normal, feeling like my old self for about 3 days then...BOOM!  Horribly terrible nasty sickness hit me like a train.  So much worse than the time before.  I might say that I elevated (in the worst possible way) from being a Death Popsicle to being a Death Slushie.  Everything hurt, I couldn't breathe, and I was completely useless.  Time for doctors visit round two.  This time around I had an infection in my year and the nastiness in my head warranted what the doctor called "a very strong antibiotic".  I didn't know there was such a thing!  Oh, but there is and it comes with a long list of possible side effects...scary ones like death and tendon tearing.  TENDON TEARING!?!?  WTF?!  Luckily the only side effects I experience were sweating, nausea, headaches and horrible dreams...mainly about my tendons tearing!  So I spent pretty much all weekend, Friday through Sunday, in bed or on the couch, do nothing but being miserable.

So, what's the upside to all this?  Well, I am starting to feeling slightly human again.  So, yay!  But even more so, all weekend long that terribly adorable fiance of mine took care of me.  To an extreme.  He brought me water.  He went out and got me cheese fries from PRC when nothing else sounded good.  He made me dangerously good brownies and homemade soft pretzels.  He closed all the curtains, that we normally keep open, in the bedroom when I had a migraine and offered to go get me one of those she-she sleeping masks to block out the light.  He moved off the big sofa, to the loveseat, when I wanted to lay down and spread out and take a nap.   He did the dishes and cleaned the litter box.  And gave that stinky dog of ours a bath. Yeah, he's pretty much the best thing ever!  But not just when I'm sick, he's like that all the time.  And I'm so lucky to have him, all the time.  But especially when I'm a sad useless blob of sickness.  Thank you Antoine, for being awesome.  The end.

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