Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend in Instagram

This weekend was a blast.  My best friend in the world Amanda and her boyfriend, Aaron, came into town and stayed with us for the weekend.  We had a great time showing Aaron around Cincinnati and checking out some of Amanda and my old our little tour of Xavier, where we showed the boys the classroom where Amanda and I first met.  Plus, Cheese absolutely fell in love with Aaron.  They're new best friends.  He was kind of bummed last night when they didn't come back home with us...he kept looking at the door and waiting.  Poor guy!  Anyway, here's the weekend through the eyes of Instagram:

 Whenever someone comes to our house to visit Cheese likes to welcome them by first throwing a crazy fit of unusual jumping and then he insanely runs around the house like he just snorted a bunch of coke.  Then, after he gets a good 30 minutes of petting (by said guest) in, he'll resign to being adorable and promptly falling asleep on their lap and snoring.  It was the same when Amanda and Aaron came.  The next morning he proceeded to follow everyone around and would pout if someone tried to close a door and leave him out of that know, to take a shower or change.  Hence, dog on the bed with ridiculous face.

 After a visit to Krohn Conservatory and a walk down memory lane at XU, the couples split to go get lunch at different places.  The out-of-towners went to Myra's in Clifton, one of Amanda's favorites (not a favorite of mine) and Antoine and I decided to go get cheap Chinese food at the Blue Gibbon.  It definitely hit the spot.

My sesame chicken.

 After lunch, A and I ran some errands and when we got home I whipped up a second batch of fruit salad, the four of us had nearly polished off the entire first batch during breakfast that morning.  

 After lunch everyone was feeling slightly comatose, so we laid low.  We watched nearly all of the first season of It's Sunny in Philadelphia (some of us, in our it should be) and then we headed out to dinner at Emanu.  Here's Antoine's and my plate of delicious Ethiopian food.  Yum!

 The best way to end a delicious Ethiopian dinner is with their amazing coffee.  It's like no other coffee I've ever had.  It's super strong and rich like espresso (served in teeny tiny demitasse cups), but it's not at all bitter.  Since it's not bitter, all you need is a little sugar and it's milk or cream is needed (this coming from a person who loves a little coffee in her cream).

 The only bad thing about Ethiopian coffee is that it disappears too quickly!

 After dinner we had an urge to get some drinks and play pool, unfortunately all the main bars that have pool tables are nightmares on Saturday night at 9pm.  So, after some brainstorming and calling around we settled on the Tavern on the Corner...a tiny place right near Kenwood mall that I don't think most people know exists.  It's the kind of place that doesn't have beer on draft, but it does have the most interesting and unique selection of people there.

 We had a great time drinking beer (me a little too much, too fast, but that's my M.O.), playing pool and listening to a very drunk woman sing Shania Twain songs off-key.  Good times!

 The next morning was not a pleasant one for me.  My head was pounding (beer always seems to make my head hurt more than usual), I had a mysterious bruise on the side of my head and everything was spinning.  After getting up for a bit, I ended up crawling back in bed and snuggling up with this guy for a bit, in hopes that the spinning might stop.  It didn't.

 After many cups of coffee and showers we headed over to Sitwell's for some breakfast/lunch.  These lovely little origami things were hanging over our table.

 Amanda and I each got a Mexicoco, a hot chocolate with honey and vanilla.  Mmm!

And then it was time to say goodbye, and Amanda and Aaron made their way back to Cleveland.  Boo!  I don't like saying goodbye, especially not to them...cause I really kind of like them. After we parted ways, Antoine and I decided to walk around Gaslight for a bit before heading to the mall in Florence, where I bought myself a birthday outfit that I'm in love with and treated myself for a free birthday Sbux drink...

It was such a good weekend (of mostly eating).  And I was so sad to see these two go, but I can't wait for them to come visit again!  (photo of Amanda and Aaron at Krohn that I took with my new Polaroid camera)

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