Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cleveland Museum of Natural History

I still have a million (ok, not quite) pictures left from the end of March when we went up to Cleveland to visit Amanda and Aaron.  I had already posted the pictures from our delicious brunch at Lucky's Cafe (YUM!), but I left out what we did after that.  All of us, being comepletly stuffed went back to Amanda and Aaron to rest for a bit.  Antoine and I took Cheese for a walk around their lovely neighborhood, and then we decided to check out the Rockefeller Park Conservatory.  But, on our way there, we spotted a sign for the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.  They're current exhibit was on Mythic Creatures, which intrigued Amanda and I.  And when Amanda and Antoine said they both had never been, it was pretty much decided that that's where we were going.

The Natural History Museum is one of the places in Cleveland that I have been to, many times.  When I was growing up Cleveland was the nearest large-ish when my school had a field trip to the zoo or a museum, that's where we went.  You might remember my feelings about the Cincinnati Museum Center, how it was old, outdated and did nothing for me.  Well, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History is definitely old and it doesn't stand up to Chicago's Field Museum or DC's Smithsonian...but I love it.  It ties me to my youth.  School field trips, weekend trips with my mom...just the two of us.  And you know what, it hasn't changed much at all since then, but I still love it.  So, here you go...

Oh yeah, one things Cincinnati Museum Center is definitely lacking...otters!  Cleveland's has an outdoor area with bird exhibits, deer, turkeys, and this guy.  So cute!

We spent nearly three hours there, exploring the museum and me taking pictures.  Prepare yourself for two more museum related photo-dumps to come.  I got a little picture happy...I'll blame it on the museum and all the good memories it brings up!

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