Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend in Instagram

This past weekend was one of those where you don't do much because for most of it the weather is miserable, but you still have a great time doing relatively nothing.  Yeah, that was this weekend.  On Friday, I got out of work almost 2 hours early thanks to some leftover comp time.  So Antoine and I picked up a pizza from Dewey's and headed to Ault Park for a picnic.  Not only was the pizza awesome (I've been on a Ryan's Inferno kick lately...if you've never had it, I highly recommend it.  It's not really spicy, just really flavorful.  Also, we get it without the celery.) but the walk around the gardens was lovely.  Since we didn't have Cheese with us we were able to actually walk around the gardens (stupid no dogs allowed rule!).  Everything was starting to bloom, and even though there was a storm on the way the weather at that moment was gorgeous!

So, what's so special about the rose garden at Ault Park?  Well, that's where Antoine and I are getting just a little over a year! 

 Right here, to be exact.

Tons of flowers were in bloom and it smelled amazing in the rose garden.

The rest of Friday night was pretty relaxed.  We went window shopping and ran some errands.  I know it sounds lame, but Friday night is the best time to go grocery shopping since no one is there.  

Saturday started off very slow.  Just a lot of laying around, not doing much.  But then we met up with my sis and brother-in-law downtown to take a cheese making class.  More specifics on that later.  All I'll say for right now is it was pretty fun and it was BYOB, so even if I hadn't learned how to make cheese I walked out of the class in a fantastically drunk mood!  After the class, A and I made a run to Party Source for supplies to make minty drinks (mint juleps and mojitos), because obviously I needed more alcohol in me, at 5 o'clock on a Saturday night, when I hadn't really eaten much that day.

 Then, while running to the Post Office, I proceeded to have a giggle fit and take a horrific amount of picture of me giggling...

 When we got home Antoine made turkey burgers and sweet potato fries and I whipped us up some drinks.  A raspberry mojito for me (above) and a mint julep with Maker's Mark (below) for Antoine.

 Please note: this is the same raspberry mojito, I only had one!  I do have some self-control.

 While eating dinner, the Cheese-man put on his usual beggar-face.  I caved and shared some watermelon with him.

On Sunday pretty much the only thing I did, besides watch season one and two of Portlandia for the second time, was attempt to do galaxy nails based on this tutorial I had found.  Not the best ever, but fairly decent for a first attempt.  I'll definitely give it another try sometime in the future, maybe try out so different colors.

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