Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend in Instagram

What a lovely weekend.  I don't know about you, but Antoine and I had a fantastic weekend.  The weather was beautiful and we not only got some stuff done, but we also managed to do some fun stuff too.  Here's a peak into my weekend...

 I'll let you in on a little secret...a good way to start a great weekend is a sushi date with your favorite fella.  As soon as I got home from work on Friday, Antoine and I headed over to Saigon Cafe for a bunch of tasty sushi.  I'm an anti-social weirdo and I like to go out to eat super early (especially on Friday and Saturday nights).  We got there a little after 5pm, and there were only like two other tables in the whole place.  We started off with crab ragoons, which we had never had there.  They were very crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside...just how they should be.

Then onto the sushi.  Saigon Cafe currently has all of their sushi half off, not just their regular rolls.  And Antoine and I were really we went a little crazy and got four rolls.  (From top to bottom:  tuna roll #12, Alaskan roll #6, the Dragon roll #16, the Crazy roll #18).  The Alaskan and the Dragon were my favorites.  After sushi, we ran to Microcenter and JCP and then capped off the night with a trip to Menchie's.

Menchie's is one of those self-serve frozen yogurt places with like 10 different types of frozen yogurt and a million different toppings.  Once you've decided what you want they simply weight your selection and you pay accordingly.  Antoine and I shared a cup of mountain blackberry and mudslide frozen yogurt with a crap ton of topping on it...and it only totaled up to $3.50.  It was delicious!  I definitely prefer it over Orange Leaf (which have been popping up all around us), since you can sample as many flavors as you want, without asking.  And the flavors, I feel, taste better than Orange Leaf' they have gluten-free, low carb, kosher and dairy free options.  Only downside to Menchie's is that it's in Mason.

 After we got home, Antoine had to do some stuff for work.  I made my way upstairs and painted my nails.  Yes, I'm still on the nail painting kick...and no, I don't see an end to it anytime soon.

Saturday morning we had to wake up bright and early to take Antoine's car in for an oil change.  So while we were up we decided to go get some bagels and coffee (for me) and get our grocery shopping out of the way.  Here's a shot of our little brussels sprout seedlings, on our way out the door.

 It turned out to be such a lovely day, so Antoine and I decided to take Cheese to the dog park.

 Usually we follow Cheese around the park as he makes his way to every single person there (no joke! Dude likes getting pet.)  But, this time there was a free bench under the trees, so we took advantage and sat and watched him from a distance.  He's always on his best behavior at the dog park, so he really doesn't need to be watch too closely.

After the dog park, Cheese got a much needed bath and then everyone was due for a nap...even Guillermo who had probably been napping most of the day already.  Plus, Antoine and I had tickets to a Reds game, so we knew we wouldn't make it through the game without a nap.

On the way to the game we stopped by Hold the Nuts (our favorite soft serve place, in Silverton) for a little pre-game snack.  I got my very first watermelon glacier (soft serve + watermelon slushie) of the refreshing!

 This is the second year in a row that Antoine's parents and brother have gotten us opening night Reds tickets for Xmas.  It's a great gift because Antoine's brother always finds us really awesome seats (row F!!, first base side) and opening night always has a fireworks show afterwards!  It reminds me of our third date! *swoon*

 A and I at the game!  Sadly, they didn't win.  But we still had a good time!  And the fireworks were fantastic, as usual.

 Sunday morning we slept in, which Antoine really appreciated (usually I wake him up "too early" aka at 8 or 9am.)  But, as usual, I was awoken by this guy, purring my ear off.

 Antoine, being the awesome and amazing guy that he is, made us Cap'n Crunch French Toast for breakfast/lunch.  So flippin' good!  I could really go for some more right about now!

Cheese proceeded to pitch a fit when he realized he wasn't getting any French toast!

 The rest of the day was full of shopping and outdoor activities.  I don't know why, but every time we go to Lowe's or Home Depot and we pass the orchids I have to take a picture of them.  It's a disease I have.

 While Antoine mowed the lawn, I washed my car.  This was the first time I've ever washed a car...ever!  Mainly because it's the first time I've had a car worth washing.  Have I mentioned that I love my new car?!

 While A and I were keeping busy, Cheesy roamed around on this little tether thing, exploring all the smells.

Since Easter really isn't our thing, we weren't obligated to go to any relative's house for dinner (woot!) we rounded off the weekend by grilling out.  I made a quick marinade for some chicken (oj, fresh rosemary, garlic, olive oil and a little dried thyme), and Antoine expertly grilled it.  It was quite tasty.  I've already got another marinade recipe to try out for next weekend.

So, that was my weekend.  It was absolutely delightful and I'm sad it had to end.  But boy, oh boy, I do love Spring.  I hope next weekend is just as lovely as this one was...I can't wait!

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