Monday, December 21, 2009

How a Lack of Seeing One Another Can Make the Littlest Thing Seem So Exciting!

As I've mentioned, Antoine and I have been working non-stop. Our schedules have been polar opposite. It has been a bummer, but I guess we're dealing with it. Anyway, Antoine took this week off from his full-time job, leaving him working his pt job Monday, Thursday and Sunday. I am supposed to work at my full-time job Monday through Wednesday, and at Sbux Monday, Tuesday, and Sunday. Now, normally this would be an awesome schedule, but we'll be leaving for my parents house for Christmas on the 24th (my parents live about 4 hours away) and it won't be a very restful holiday vacation, we've got a lot of people to see and visit while we're there. So, at the last minute yesterday morning I decided to take Wednesday off from UC! Generally, that isn't too crazy, but I'm notorious for using up my vacation hours whenever I have any available, and right now I don't have an abundant supply of them, but oh well...I've got enough! I'm young, right!? When I'm older I'll have plenty of time to save up those hours and never use them (I am specifically referring to one of my co-workers who has some 200 or 300+ hours of vacation and sick time that he never uses).

So, I'm in seventh heaven at the moment just contemplating my day off!! Antoine and I will have an entire day off together, nowhere to go, nothing to do, but just be together and relax! It is going to be so wonderful! It's amazing how just one day, just one lone day off can seem like an eternity. It is as if I'm actually going on vacation, like to a tropical island or something!! No, I'll just be sitting at home in my pajamas snuggling on the couch with my guy, but somehow, it'll be the best day ever!

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