Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Now I'm not one who generally gives a crap about New Years! In fact, throughout most of my childhood, when New Years' Eve rolled around I was clueless as to what day it was; let's face it, as a youngster/teen I usually couldn't tell you if it was a Tuesday or Wednesday (or whatever)! And, as I've mentioned in other posts, my memory sucks, so really I can't remember any previous New Years' Eve festivities except for three.

1.) The year it turned 1999. I had a sleepover with some of my friends and VH1 proceeded to play the video for "1999" by Prince over and over for what seemed like 24 hours. And of course, my friends wanted to watch it until I passed out from a Prince overload!

2.) Maybe 2001 or 2002? I had, as per usual, completely forgot it was New Years' Eve. My best friend invited me over to her house to spend the night (that same day), and I was completely clueless! It wasn't until I got over there and she had all the pre-ball drop/NYC stuff playing on the tv that I realized why I had been invited over. I think we made cookies and watched movies.

3.) Last New Years' Eve. One of the few years I actually made plans. My best friend Amanda, our friend Kristen, Antoine and I went downtown for free ice skating (it was everyone's but Kristen's first time ice skating, and it was absolutely freezing) and then we went to a total dive bar that was just down the street from where I was living and rang in the New Year there. It was fun, the bar was giving out beads and New Years' hats and noise makers! It was a 40-something crowd of locals who'd obviously been going there for years; we played pool and drank until midnight.

So, due to may lack of caring about New Years' and even remembering past celebrations (or lack there of) it's obvious that I've never been one to look back at the past year and contemplate it's ups and down. Anyway, I figured this year I'd try something new! So, here's my highs and lows of the year:

Lows (start with the bad first):
  1. Dad found out he had cancer
  2. I hit/killed a cat with my car (the first animal I've knowingly hit with my car besides a bird...I balled nonstop as soon as it happened)
  3. Start working at Sbux again
  4. I gained more weight

  1. Dad's chemo was successful and he's doing great!
  2. Antoine and I bought a house
  3. We got a new kitten, Guillermo
  4. Antoine and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary of being together
  5. We went to Jamaica (for our anniversary)
  6. Made new friends
That's all I can think of right now, but still , the good outweighs the bad! So I guess this year has been pretty good. And even without the list, if you asked me if I had a good year or not I'd say 'yes', because the pluses stick out so much more than the negatives!

So, here's to a fantastic New Year! Hopefully even better than the last!

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