Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Love Story: Part 1

Now, I know there's a good number of you who could care less to hear my tale of love, all those mushy tidbits about how we met, fell in love, made everyone around us nauseous with our hand holding and general PDA....but you're just going to have to deal!

So, let's start before the beginning...when I was single! Now it's rather embarrassing to admit it, but I've nearly been single my entire life, except for a pre-school boyfriend Chuckie (who gave me my first kiss) and a short-lived high school relationship (that I really wouldn't call a relationship, more like a sort-of friend I briefly dated and then went to prom with). Any-who, I managed to go through my entire college experience without a single date (sad, but true). This is almost entirely do to with the fact that I was extremely shy, socially awkward, and a little bit of a shut in! Let's please refer to this time in my life as my "Dark Period". Onto brighter days.

After college I was sick of being alone and depressed, so, as I like to say, I had "a crazy, brave moment" one day and decided to give online dating a try! Now, I should start by mentioning that I would have never expected this from myself! I was always the one who made fun of people who met people through online dating, mainly because I was skeptical, but also because I figured it probably took a pretty desperate person to try such a thing (but, let's face it...I was desperate). So, one day I was bored out of my mind browsing personal ads on Craigslist (which had recently become a new hobby of mine) and I thought to myself, "What if I created a post? Why the hell not!? I would have all the control! It's free! And if creeps emailed me, I could just ignore them", so I did it!

Maybe it was a brief moment of insanity, but I did it. I didn't expect much, maybe just a couple of responses, but within a couple of hours I started getting some replies. Some were from weirdos and creeps who obviously didn't even bother to read my post...DELETE! Some where from apparent normal guys, who just didn't click after a couple of emails (one Jesus freak who wanted to convert me, another that was just a little out of my desired age bracket). Then, maybe the next day or the day after, I received a one sentence email about the White Stripes (who I listed as one of my favorite bands in my post). The emailing continued and the length of the messages grew and before too long I deleted my post and was solely emailing this one guy, Antoine. The funny thing was that unlike any of the other guys I emailed, this felt more like a conversation. Slowly we learned more and more about each other and soon enough we were emailing each other throughout the day. And it didn't take long before Antoine's emails became the bright spot to my day, what I looked forward to the most.

To be continued...

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