Monday, December 7, 2009

Sometimes You Just Act Like a Girl, Even Though You Know You Shouldn't

Before I started dating Antoine, when I still lived in the land of Singledom, I prided myself on being a somewhat non-demanding, down to earth, out-of-the-ordinary girl who didn't primp (that much) and didn't have those usual female characteristics that drive men crazy! Well, however true that might have been, it all seemed to change when Antoine came into the picture! Don't get me wrong, I know that a guy needs guy time, to hang out with other guys and be a guy. No, what I'm talking about is letting my feminine hormones run berserk on this unknowing male when I am the least bit offended, hurt or abandoned (not literally, just emotionally).

I should have prefaced this post with a brief explanation of Antoine's and my situation. About 5 or so months ago, I started working at Starbucks (or as I'll refer to it as Sbux) part-time again. I had been working there before I started my 9 to 5 (actually 7:30am to 4:30pm) job and I continued working there for about a year or more and then decided I'd had enough, and just went down to having one full-time job. Short story...I went a little broke and started back up at Sbux after a 6 month hiatus. Now, onto my bf's employment...he has a full time job downtown in the IT field that he's been at for 3+ years. Also, about 3 weeks or so ago he started working seasonal part time at Target. I was wary of the idea of him getting a part-time job, I was pulling in anywhere from 18 to 25 hours a week at Sbux and it was nice to have him home running errands and keeping track of the house and whatnot, plus, me working two jobs and him working one was stressful enough on our relationship. But, he wanted to contribute. So, now here we are, we're both working two jobs, trying to keep our house from turning into a garbage dump and keep the cats from killing each's a little stressful (to say the least).

So, back to where I was, me acting like a girl. Ever since Antoine started his second job it seems like our schedules are completely opposite. Like this week, I work Monday, Thursday, and Saturday night, and he works Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday night. So we get one night off together and we have to go to a work holiday party! Enter, me acting like a spoiled brat. I got upset yesterday; I was working the morning shift at Sbux and he was going to be working the night shift at Target. I was hoping he'd want to meet me at Sbux during my lunch break so we could have lunch together (FYI: it's actually easier for him to meet me at work and have lunch or dinner because Target employees are supposed to eat in the breakroom which is off limits to non-employees, i.e. me!). Sadly, he said he was kind of hoping to stay home during the day, that he didn't want to leave the house. Understandable, however, I was bummed, as I knew now that I would only see him for about 20 minutes when I got home before he'd have to leave for work (and he'd be getting ready that entire time). So, I proceeded to pitch a fit (something I am now very good at) and give him the cold shoulder. This led to a very brief argument as he was heading out the door (note: we never used to fight, when we were both just working one job), followed by a apologetic text message 10 minutes later (that I ignored because I was still fuming). Cut to the chase, a couple hours later I came to my senses (I usually do, plus it's really hard to be mad at him for too long, because he's just so darn cute) and I went to Target to make peace. Every time we have one of these spats I end up realizing that we both want to be with each other, that we'd both rather be with one another than at work, and that if money wasn't an issue we'd be together as much as we possibly could. That I'm lucky to have him, because he makes me happy and he wants to take care of me (hence the second job), and I'm acting like a five year-old girl who just had her pretty purple balloon burst by a boy with a b.b. gun!

So, we're both still stressed and tired and wanting more time together, but until one or both of us quits out p.t. job I don't see that changing. I know these fights will continue, almost always spurred by my hurt feelings, but in the end, what really matters is that we make up and we reaffirm just how much we mean to one another!

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