Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cosmic Balance or Whatever...

I think it's the natural order of things that great days have to be proceeded by not-so-great days! For example let's take a look at exhibit A, my Monday, started off ok, nothing special, we had a little party at work for someone's birthday (that was nice, cake!), I was supposed to work at Sbux in the evening but swapped shifts with someone, so now I'm working tonight. Things were just getting better and better (especially considering I worked all weekend at Sbux, and the weekend before). I was looking forward to an evening at home with Antoine relaxing! We ended up getting dinner at Panera after work and then going home to cuddle up on the couch and catch up on some Dexter (one of our favorite tv shows). What an amazing evening! One of those simple, perfect evenings together where you're just overflowing with love for one another and it's enough to make outsiders vomit (this is a keyword in this post, please continue reading to understand)! Antoine and I don't always get that closeness that we both crave when we're both working our part time jobs, but last night we did, and we'll just leave it at that (wink, wink)!

Last night was wonderful, so of course, the universe has to balance out today right? Exhibit B, I wake up, and things are apparently normal, I get a shower and then go into the bedroom to get dressed and...SQUISH....I step in a freshly made hairball that one of the cats so nicely left for me! Pleasant! I proceed to wipe my foot clean and remove the mess (at this point I'm already running late for work). I get dressed, blowdry my hair, etc. and then make my way downstairs to put on my shoes and get my lunch ready...SQUISH...I step into a nice little (when I say "little" here I don't actually mean little!) pile of vomit one of cats left. I clean off my foot (the same one) yet again. By this time I'm fuming!! I realize just how late I'm running, that I won't have time to fix a sandwich for dinner at Sbux tonight, that the trash still needs to be taken out, that Antoine is snoring away on the couch, and that I haven't even warmed up my car for work yet! Excellent! Needless to say I was no longer the ray of sunshine I usually am in the morning (*please note the sarcasm, I am NOT a morning person)! Profanities started flying, and mainly at unsuspecting, sleeping Antoine, mainly because that cats don't understand what the heck I'm saying and if I need to "vent" I'll usually release all my anger upon the closest human.

So, that was my morning...I stormed out of the house in the most unpleasant of moods, leaving poor Antoine in the wake. Hopefully the day will get better, once I appolagize to Antoine for going nutso on him and try to not step in any more feline throwup (which shouldn't be a problem at the library)! Although, the really crazy thing is, I'm okay with this universal balance of happiness thing, with me stepping in cat vomit today, if it means I get to have more spectacular days like yesterday. And yes, I realize how sick that sounds!

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