Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why are my jeans so tight?

I've always been a...let's say "curvy girl". Plump, more to love, chubby, etc...however you want to phrase it, I've noticed that over the past 4 months or so I've been expanding. I'll admit, I'm no foe to food, I love cheese and pretty much anything sweet, but lately it's been increasingly worse than normal. I hate to play the blame game, but unfortunately I think the main contributor behind my growing behind (sorry, I couldn't help myself) is my crazy schedule/Sbux. With working at Sbux so much over the last couple months my diet (which it doesn't resemble at all) is very sad. I'm usually scurrying to eat dinner on the days I have to work at both places and on the days I only have to work at the real job I don't feel energetic enough to get my big butt to the gym. And frankly, I've never been one to have amazing will power, so working at Sbux isn't ideal! While I'm there I can have as many drinks as I want, which is very tempting! And then there's all those treats in the pastry case! AHHHHH!

But now I'm starting to feel a little "overloaded", in many different ways, I think it might improve my attitude if I start watching what I eat and exercising a couple times a week. No, this isn't a New Years' resolution...I don't believe in those. This is purely an acknowledgment that things need to change, and that requires me to do something to make it change. I'm working hard right now for the future that Antoine and I are trying to build and I want that future to last a really really really long time! So, tomorrow it begins! No more sweets, no more white mochas at Sbux, instead more veggies, more exercise!

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