Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Time to Get My Butt in Gear!

Well, the dieting/exercising has been going less than stellar. I have tried to diet, although there have been hiccups and there will surely be more to come since my birthday is coming up in a less than a week. The exercising on the other hand...that hasn't even been attempted yet! Antoine has started going back to the gym, now I just need to get on it! Admittedly, I've never been to my gym by myself...it's one of my little quirks! I have an irrational fear of the gym, sad but true! Chalk it up to my shyness or being a chubby girl in a fairly skinny world (at least in the gym world of weight-lighting manly men and trim yoga-practicing ladies). Whatever is the cause, I'm not a fan of solo exercising, never have been, never will be! I've never felt comfortable in a gym, I constantly feel like I'm being judged or watched (and yes, I know that sounds slightly insane, but it's how I feel). Plus, I generally go to the gym later in the evening, about an hour or two before they close. It's less busy and makes me feel a little less uncomfortable. And while our gym isn't too far from our house, maybe a 5 minute drive, it's not in the best of neighborhoods and I really don't like the idea of walking to and from my car by myself.

Excuses, excuses! I really just need to stop being a big baby and get my big butt to the gym. Antoine and I are both off from our part time jobs tomorrow night...so....I MUST go to the gym! MUST!!! In the mean time, I really need to start taking walks on the nights that Antoine is working, or even whenever we don't go to the gym.

Also, I'm considering buying a pair of those Reebok Easytone shoes. I've read a bunch of customer reviews and they sound pretty awesome (and my butt, thighs, and calves are my super weak areas). They have a cute pair in my size on Amazon and I have a check from my parents for my birthday! I currently have a pair of walking shoes, but they are too small and usually 10 minutes into exercising my toes go a little bit numb, so I think it's time for a new pair!

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