Monday, February 8, 2010

Another Year Older

Only eight more hours until I go from officially being 24 to being 25 years old. Well, actually, I think it's probably more like 13 hours since I was born around 5am...but I'll be sleeping like a baby at 5am tomorrow so for all intents and purposes I will be turning 25 at midnight. I have to work at Sbux tonight, so I'll probably make it until 12:30am and then I'll pass out from exhaustion. Until then, I'll be savoring these last moments of my 24th year, it was certainly a good one! Although, I must admit, I'm at little wary about turning twenty-five. Normally I'm not one to be phased by getting older but this feels different. And while this weekend I had a great time celebrating my coming birthday with friends and family, things (especially Sunday) felt a little off. Maybe it was the snow we got Friday night and Saturday morning or the snow storm that's supposedly coming (or the "White Death" as they call it in Cincinnati, where 5 or 6 inches is considered a blizzard!). Or maybe it was the nose bleed I got last night, my first real nose bleed ever (it lasted a good 5 minutes)! And it happened at a less than ideal moment...umm...yeah. Not fun! Or maybe it's something else, something I can't quite put my finger on, but something feels different, not necessarily good or bad, just different.

Anyway, enough of my senseless rambling! Enjoy your Tuesday, I will certainly enjoy mine! A day off from both jobs! My birthday plans could possibly be extinguished by a large snow storm, and instead I could be snowed in with the guy I love, which still sounds pretty darn good to me! Oh, and Antoine has already divulged that he's making me a special birthday breakfast tomorrow...I can't wait! I do love homemade breakfast, especially when Antoine makes it!

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