Thursday, February 25, 2010

Only 3 more months...

Only 3 more months, to the day, until Antoine and I have been together for 2 whole years! We're both sappy romantics and acknowledge things like the anniversary of our first "I love you" or our 1 year and 4 month anniversary of our first date. You hate us, I know! We're sick, sad people that can't help but be crazy about one another and shove it in everybody's faces (even though, most of the time, we try not to).

Anyway, happy 1 year and 9 month anniversary Antoine! Meeting you was the best thing that's ever happened to me! You're my favorite thing in the world (my second favorite is a tie between cheese and my best friend...she probably knows this and accepts me for it, since we are both people driven by our stomachs!).

Anyway, since I'm feeling all mushy and lovey, here's an ode to our love (me and Antoine's, not me and cheese's/Amanda's)...

This was during my 24 birthday...something about Antoine rowing a canoe...I don't know, I was a bit tipsy!

Our one year anniversary trip to Jamaica!
Our first real trip together...Chicago.

Also from my 24th bday, when I wasn't so tipsy!

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