Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Little Bit of Excitement and a Ton of Worry (and a picture of Gui)

Things have been trucking along as usual...except a couple days ago I got a snow day and a half from work! It was wonderful! I stayed in my pajamas nearly all day on Tuesday, except for around 3pm when Antoine and I ventured out into the snow to Best Buy. They were running a special of three years free financing in their television and home entertainment naturally, we bought a new plasma, a sound bar, a new dvd/vhs combo for upstairs and a digital camera. Antoine and I are both the type of people who are hardwired to spoil ourselves every once in a while! I think we get it from our parents. Growing up my parents always asserted that, "you work hard, so every once in a while you deserve a little something special". And my mom has always told me that free financing is the best way to buy things (when you're smart about it). Growing up I learned to never treat credit cards like "credit" cards, but instead like "charge" cards. I've always paid off any credit card bill in full every month, except when it comes to free financing. To me free financing doesn't mean I just pay the minimum payment for a year (or in this case three) and then I start worrying about the interest. No, if I have to pay $30 a month for three years in order to pay it off completely, then I pay $35 or $40 a month! That way, there's no room for error! So while some may scoff at our purchases and others may be nervous about worries here! When it comes to credit, I feel like I'm pretty much a master! I've never had debt, and I never will...end of story!

Gui in the bathtub (taken with my new camera)

So, not only do I have our new tv and camera to be super excited about I also have a little girl fun coming up this weekend. My group of girl friends, which consists of my best bud Amanda, my sister and her best friend/my mutual friend, are all getting together for a little slumber party Saturday night at my sister's house. My bro-in-law will be out of town and we are taking this opportunity to watch movies, snack on a bunch of food and have some fun. I can't wait, it should be a good time.

In other news, I've had something weighing on me for a little bit now regarding Antoine and his job. His client at work is leaving the company by August, so everyone on his team will have to find a new client before then, which isn't easy considering the economic climate and whatnot. Antoine has been very anxious about this and has already started to look for other clients and other jobs (both within his company and outside). With Antoine's specific job there's two major options; 1.) to do what he does now, work in an office for a client and communicate via email, phone, etc 2.) do consulting work, where you work for a specific client for three months to a year or more. Consulting work almost always requires 75 to 100% travel, so you can work directly with the client whether the client is in Louisville or Seattle. From the beginning of our relationship I've known this, and I've also known that if Antoine hadn't met me he'd probably be doing consulting work, since the pay is better and it would probably mean a promotion. But of course, I've always been against it, because I would rather have him around than tons of money (even if I have to work two jobs), especially when our relationship was so new. But now, consulting looks like it might be his only option and if that's the case, we're going to have to make it work (a la Tim Gunn). I don't doubt our relationship and it's ability to last, even if we only see each other on weekends (which is totally possible), but I know, if it happens, it won't be easy! We're the kind of couple that crave each other, that sickeningly sweet couple that calls each other after a few hours apart to tell the other that they miss them. And that's going to be hard to do when he's who knows where, but we'll manage...we have to because we love each other!

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