Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy VD!

I'm not one of those people who usually goes nuts over Valentine's Day. We never really go out to dinner for it or celebrate it with any real vibrato. But, in the past, I have made Antoine a V-day card (because I'm crafty) and on a couple of occasions he may have bought me some chocolate, mainly because candy makes this lady very happy! I'm not against the holiday, although I do subscribe to the school of thought that labels V-day as a contemporary ad campaign for card, flower, and candy companies. But that's the world we live in.'s an epidemic!

Still, there is a sweetness to the holiday (pun much intended). Even if you are not with a special someone at the moment, I think that VD (aka "Valentine's day", not venereal disease) has a way of making you appreciate the people who are important to you. I remember in high school the spanish club would sell little bundles of Hershey kisses they called "besos" around this time of year. My friends and I were nerds and therefore didn't have boyfriends so we'd buy some "besos" for one another. Sure, we were 14 years old and would have clawed each other's eye out for a chance to have a boyfriend, but it was nice to know that you had friends who cared about you, who enjoyed making you smile. That's a pretty awesome feeling!

So, whether you despise VD or not, I hope you have a wonderful Monday folks! I'll see you tomorrow with the first installment of my Louisville recap!

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