Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Sticky Situation

I started this blog to...actually I can't really remember why I started this blog. I never figured many people would read it, but I knew one would...Antoine. There's only a very select few people (those people who are very dear to me) who I know read this with any regularity or consistency, one of them being Antoine. I know he reads it daily, because if I haven't blogged that day he asks me about it. So, outside of Antoine and that small group of friends I never expected anyone else to really read this thing. I mean, who would? It's a very random blog that focuses mainly on my life. And my life isn't exactly film/novel worthy. But in the end, this blog has become a means of self-reflection and self-documentation. I can look back as far as late 2009 and glance into my own brain. For someone who has a horrible memory this is a great tool. Sometimes I've written posts that are just for me or Antoine, other times for specific friends or family, and other times I just send my random/nerdy thoughts out into the world wide web and hope that someone out there will see them and think they are at least mildly interesting. But usually, not so much.

So, why all the heavy talk? Well, yesterday was my 26th birthday. Do I feel older and wiser? Not really, but I do feel slightly different...but I think that has very little to do with my age. It's that different feeling that comes when you have a day that's so super grand or, on the flip side, super stinky that it actually changes your perspective and/or your view of yourself. Unfortunately, yesterday was of the not-so-grand variety. The day began with a giant swig of chocolate milk that turned out to be sour (even though the sell by date was 2-13-11). And for the rest of the day I had that funky sour taste in my mouth. We had planned to have a quiet day in and after working like crazy lately I was looking forward to a little peace. Sadly, the day kind of flopped, big time. I won't go into specifics, but let's just say it wasn't exactly what I had planned and on a whole I was a little disappointed. But these things happen. Sometimes things in life don't go as you planned, but you can't just let everything get ruined.

I guess that's what I took away from my not-so-stellar day, that one little thing, one moment, one action can have the power to sour a snow ball effect. But only if you let it. You might drink sour milk or have a fight with the one you love...but it's your reaction to that that dictates how things are going to turn out in the end. If you act like a 5 year old, with tantrums and sad faces, then things are probably just going to stay sour. But if you brush away all the bad and take charge, there's a good chance that you have the power to change everything around. So, instead of being in a funk today because my birthday didn't turn out as planned I'm going to focus on the positive. Yesterday was bad, but the weekend has a lot of great potential! A weekend in Louisville with Antoine has all the possibility of a fantastic birthday celebration, so I'm going to embrace that and brush off the negativity of one bad day. Because, in the end, that's all it day that I probably won't even remember years from now!

Word to your mother! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! No post from me tomorrow since I'll busy planning for a super fantastic birthday/Valentine's day weekend in Louisville! See you next week!

**I am not blaming anyone for my not-so-great birthday, because everyone has the best of intentions when it comes to these things. I am merely acknowledging the fact that it was less than desirable. In the grand scheme of things, this is not life altering or remotely important, so it's best we keep things in perspective and face today with a new outlook!

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