Thursday, February 17, 2011

Museum Goodness

My apologies in advance for the crazy amount of pictures. Editing down has never been my strong suit!

The Louisville Museum of Art & Craft...

Part of a high school art exhibit that was really remarkable.

Also part of the the h.s. student art exhibit...a condom dress! Had a little chuckle with this one, but actually from far way I had no idea it was made of condoms, it just looked like a pretty little dress!

Hand stitched quilt.

Thought this was fun.

Close up of woman outline.

Crazy animal/demon masks.

Creepy baby doll art...Love it!

From the 21c hotel's museum that is free and open to the public...

Glycerin fighter planes that are slowly melting from the heat of the spotlight pointed at them.

Fun little piece of interactive art near the elevators.

A creepy exhibit of children's stuffed animals that have been turned inside out and re-stuffed! This bunny is strangely still kind of cute.

But then, there was a wall of electronic stuffed animals that terrified me! They were not so cute and there was a button you could push to start all the stuffed animals electronic functions at once. Antoine pushed the button! And I'm surprised I didn't have nightmares! It was terrifying!

View into the downstairs galleries.

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