Monday, April 4, 2011

Be Kind, Please Rewind

This weekend was one of those wonderful weekends that you want to rewind and put on repeat!  Seriously, not only was the weather gorgeous, particularly on Sunday, but it was just an all around fun/relaxing couple of days. Saturday Antoine and I went to the Red's game.  It was a Christmas present from Antoine's brother, and what a great present...

 The seats were fantastic!  Row N.

They won and we got ice cream, so it was an all around good game.  It was slightly chilly out, but the clouds cleared and it was a beautiful night.

 We went on a little exploration to find my sis and brother-in-law up in the nose-bleed section, but since no one's phone wants to function in the stadium we couldn't find them.  But the view of the city from up there was pretty great.

Then, after the game, my favorite part...the fireworks.  Since it was opening night the Rusty Griswolds were invited to perform a little concert while they were setting up the fireworks and then they also performed during the fireworks show.  It was pretty cool and reminded me of Antoine's and my second date [oh the warm fuzzy feelings].

Another delightful aspect of this weekend was that my HLP was in town visiting!  I love when she visits, it reminds me of the good ole days when we used to go to Xavier and live together.  On Sunday Antoine and I made breakfast for all of us and then Amanda and I went for a walk in Mariemont (our old stomping grounds, at least for a while).  It was so beautiful outside, the trees and flowers were starting to bloom and the sun was warm, but not too warm.  It was perfect weather for strolling along with your best friend, chatting it up.  It was so nice out that we just had to stop by Graeter's for a little ice cream.  Then, after our walk, we ran some errands and then before I knew it she was heading back to Indy.  I started missing her as soon as she walked out the door, and I'm so ready for her to come back and visit again (and Cheese is too...he was quite bummed when she left, they are apparently good buddies now).

After Amanda left [insert sad/depressed expression] Antoine and I ran some errands to prepare for him leaving today for Chicago.  We also stopped by Lowe's to oggle at the flowers and vegetables.  Whenever the weather gets nice it seems like most homeowners get that gardening bug.  I think it's just unavoidable.  Last year our gardening dreams didn't come true, what with working two jobs each, we found very little time to do anything significant with our garden.  But this year we are determined to get it going.  We still plan to plant a raised garden bed full of veggies.  We had built the raised box and even started digging and prepping last year, but this year we bought a little seedling starter kit to help us along.  So last night I planted (in our little seedling starter kit) spinach, carrots, sweet onions, broccoli, sweet peppers and assorted lettuce.  Fingers crossed that they sprout and I don't manage to kill them with my plant killing powers.  We've also got two practically bare flower beds in the backyard that we intend to tackle this year.  The one we intended to load with an assortment of wildflowers and the other (that already has an existing rose bush in it) we plan to fill with roses.  I've got a soft spot for roses because my Grandma always had roses growing in front of her house.  She's got one plant that's probably 30 years old!  While I don't have my Grandma's green thumb, I hope I can keep from killing them!

Now I'm anxious and ready for next weekend so we can hopefully work on the yard/garden some more.  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!  Happy Monday.

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