Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Warm Fuzzies

In less than a month Antoine and I will be celebrating our anniversary.  We'll have been together for three full years (and a wonderful three years it has been).  We like to celebrate our anniversaries with a trip.  For the first anniversary, being the crazy (in love) people that we are we went to Jamaica.  Sandals resorts were having massive sales at the time and so we pounced!  It was magical, relaxing and lazy...the perfect first anniversary.  Last year we decided to scale it back a little and went to Louisville for the weekend.  Our trip to Louisville was also my first time camping.  I loved it!  It was relaxing and inexpensive.  So, this year we decided to do it again.

Originally we were thinking about going to Hocking Hills, since it's close and we really enjoyed our family trip there last year.  But then, all of a sudden last week I got this sudden urge to go to the beach.  Now, I'm definitely not what you'd call a "beach fanatic" but I enjoy having my feet in the sand and perusing for shells and beach glass among the surf.  Unfortunately, Ohio is a little too far away from Florida or the Carolinas for a weekend trip.  Plus, this time around we're taking Cheese camping with us so we want to keep the time we spend in the car to a minimum.  So, Michigan popped into my head.  I've never been there.  And you always see those commercials on tv advertising their beaches and whatnot.  "Michigan is the shit...please come and visit us, NOW!" [or something like that]  After a quick pitch to Antoine it was decided...we're going to Michigan, the South Haven/St. Joseph area to be specific.  Not only will this be our first official time taking Cheese camping (he's camped at my parents with us...but that doesn't count), but it'll be his first time experiencing a beach!  A basset hound at the beach...that's bound to be fun!  I foresee much sand caked onto his ears and lake drinking! And much picture taking by yours truly! 

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